Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bakerella and Cupcakes

Today I finally got to meet Bakerella! It was rather rainy in the city today and I got to the book store a bit too early; so I walked around in the rain and went into some scrumptious bakeries. Once it was time for the signing I was second in line, which was exciting in itself. I met the lovely Armi who was first in line. Luckily we didn't have to wait to long. When Bakerella came into the Store, I started to shake I was so excited, it's safe to say I was star struck. Once I sat down to get my picture taken with her I calmed down. When I was handing her my book she said "You're BakingMonster." I was so shocked she knew who I was, that alone made me start to shake again. She was so nice and I'm glad I finally got to meet her! After I said goodbye I ran into Starbucks where my parents were. Man do I feel bad for the people sitting there. A slurry of words came tumbling out of my mouth as I told my parents each and every detail. I still have not calmed down yet from meeting her.
Above is Chronicle Books where the signing took place. All the employees were so nice.
After the signing I went into American Cupcake to snap some photos. Above are all the cupcakes. Some flavors were cotton candy, butterscotch, bubble gum and pixie stick.
The awesome decor.
The menu, yes they had a cotton candy machine there!
The bar where they had candy themed cocktails and did wine pairings with the cupcakes!
Lastly above is a Carmel Macron from La Boulange Bakery. I have never had a macron that was so good. It has a soft Carmel center. The shell was crunchy and then feathery on the inside with bits of toffee on top.
It was an awesome day and on the way home I met Bubba Paris an ex 49ers player!

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