Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apple Hill

Every October since I was about 9 years old my family and I have been going to Apple Hill. It's a bunch of Apple orchard farms located in Camino Ca. Near Halloween there are Halloween festivities for kids,craft fairs, hot cider tastings, apple picking, everything and everything apple baked goods.

Our favorite places to go are Grandpa's Cellar for their Delicious baked goods, Rainbow Orchards for there hot fresh cinnamon apple doughnuts and fresh Apple Cider in mini milk jugs. We also do most of our Apple Picking at Bolster's Hilltop ranch, which connects through a nature trail to Apple Ridge farm where theres a petting zoo,BBQ shop, and a awesome pie shop with frozen pies to bring home.

I'm sorry that I'm cruel and I stuck the two pig pictures together. It is not the same pig. I just thought it was awesome that they roast a whole pig daily.

I loved the petting zoo even if it was for the children. They also have pony rides and face painting.

Lots of different kinds of Apples for you to pick yourself or to buy in boxes at a warehouse store. I think we bought a box of 40 pounds of apples for. Also plenty of gourds I wanted to take them all home. Also there are Christmas tree farms up there so you can also go at Christmas time. Year round they also have wine tasting, so there's something there for everyone. When and if you go; go to Rainbow orchards and get their donates, they are the best ever!

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