Saturday, September 12, 2009

A thunder storm and some tasty places

Last night or I guess this morning at 3 am I woke up to thunder and lightning this went on for about another 2 hours and it kept me up the whole time. This isn't normal September weather for California. September is our hottest month and has been until this storm arrived it put the power out but I'm feeling it I'm ready for the cold weather. Above is a picture of a flower in our backyard after the storm I love how nature looks after a storm. A few weeks ago though I went to San Francisco for the day with my mum to explore some of the best bakeries and then we went to lunch. I decided to finally post the pictures finally and write reviews, now keep in mind I'm a crazy culinary student and my mum wants to help educate in any way possible so we brought a ice chest and let me tell you there wasn't nearly enough room for our baked goods so some pastries were harmed on the way home before the photo shoot. Bare with me.
This first baked good is from Tartine Bakery at this bakery you will have to wait in line for about 10 minutes and its well worth it. You will find young 20 something locals hanging out here getting there tartine fill for the day. It's a dark chocolate covered Éclair with a custard filling and a dash of cocoa powder sprinkled on top. It really rich and creamy and a true Éclair. The chocolate was a little too rich for me but I wasn't raised in a household with a lot of chocolate since my mum's allergic to it so maybe I'm just a wimp and it's really not that rich. The filling is my favorite though. The cost was $4.65 and it was rather large so well worth the cost.

The next item is from Tartine too. It's there bread pudding with Peaches. I didn't try it my mum did and she didn't like it at all she said it was soggy, which was strange because it's there most famous item. I'm not sure the cost.

This next item is from Tartine also and it's the Bannana Cream Pie with chocolate shavings ontop. I didn't try this either my sister that lives in SF tried it and she loved it so I would say go for it. It was $6.35 for a 4 inch pie which is pretty good.

Then we have the lemon merinuge pie from Tartine which I was told was good but not as good as the lemon meringue from Chestnut bakery which you will read about below.

Below is a fudge like brownie with chopped pecans on top my dad enjoyed it very much nothing fancy just fudgy goodness. From Tartine too.

This last baked goods from Tartine is my favorite. The simple yet elegant croissant. It was flaky on the outside and soft fluffy moist layers on the inside I hummed a little tune as the croissant melted in my mouth. It was $3.25 and worth every penny. I think if you are in the area you should defiantly stop by Tartine.

Then we went to The Chestnut Bakery and got a selection of impressive desserts. The first item is a chocolate cake with chocolate custard filling and a chocolate frosting and this was really good and wasn't too rich for me which was good. A little side note is that in the two bakeries I have reviewed so far you can see the employees baking in the kitchen it's pretty cool.

Below is the lemon mernigue that was the best and it was perfectly browned. It came from Chestnut bakery.

This last dessert from chestnut bakery was delightful the mousse was so light and fluffy. It was a mix of berry mousses with a sponge cake on the bottom it was soo good.

Then we went to Kara's cupcakes. My mum has wanted to try this place for awhile and it was right on Chestnut Street so we went. The cupcakes were great but sadly I can't tell you what kind are what because we tried jamming them into a small cooler and it didn't work to well.

This next item was from TeaCake Bake shop this is actually in Corte Madera which is not the city but was so cute we had to stop at it. They have a website and they deliver so if you’re not in the area you’re in luck. The below item is some sort of coffee cupcake my dad ate it before I could figure out what it was. I guess it was good.

This last bakery item was from the bake shop and it was the most amazing whoopie pie, this is what I modeled my whoopie pies after, I think these may be a little better.

When we were still in the city we stopped and had lunch at Greens on Fort Mason in SF. Greens It's a vegetarian restaurant with the freshest ingredients and it was so good. The salad was the best part it was a creamy lemon vinaigrette dressing. The sandwich was grilled eggplant, onions, grilled fontina, and lettuce and tomatoes; it was good except I don’t care for eggplant so that was my bad decision on getting it. Other than that it was terrific and the view was of the golden gate bridge was great too.

The day was truly terrific and I'm sure were gonna go back to SF for more bakries.


  1. it's simply too early for such glorious food porn! i LOVE visiting bakeries and sampling the goods, and i wouldn't mind a bite (or 12) of each of these treats!
    incidentally, thunderstorms HELP me sleep. there's something oddly soothing about them i guess. :)

  2. Well, I hope you're happy now. I've gained ten pounds just scrolling trough your photos. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love your blog.

  3. I dont think we get thunderstorms enough so it keeps me awake when they do arrive. I think it's going to be a new hobby of mine.Thank you Mary.

  4. Lucky you! I live in California too, but we didn't have any thunderstorm or rain. I am getting tired of the weatherman saying there is a chance of thunderstorms but it never seems to happen here. I shouldn't say never but it doesn't happen very often here.

    I feel full just from looking at all those wonderful pictures.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  5. Thank you Iris! Yea until the storm its been about 90 degrees everyday day so It's a nice change.

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