Monday, May 11, 2009

Bouchon Bakery

Yes for school I got to go to Bouchon Bakery today! We got a tour of the whole place and a delicious lunch. I also took my picture in front of the French Laundry because it's the most famous restaurant ever but we couldn't afford it which I don't really mind because I care about bakery's more anyways. I went in with my wallet full came out broke and a purse full of bread and pastries. I would not change a thing about it.

Those are some shots of the bakery and their tasty Pain au Chocolate. One of the many things I tested. Everything was so good!

There's half a loaf of herb bread that me and my friend shared. The tasty ham sandwich for lunch, a bouchon which the bakery was named after and a TKO(Thomas Keller Oreo) which was the best thing ever and I need to get more of them.

That macaroon was awesome it was raspberry flavour.
In the end I had the most amazing time and the bakery really isn't that expensive and the people are really nice. You can find it in New York and Las Vegas also but I visited the Yountville one, the original.


  1. i'm so jealous! had i been there with you, i would've wiped out on the ground afterward too and my belly would be about to burst. :)

  2. I really like this place too, and tried their macarons. It was a bit wxpensive, and I am so glad that I can make my own. So, if I go there, I always buy the things that I never made or can't make them at home.

  3. So wonderful to see that you are happy to spend your money in a quality bakery. I imagine most people your age would rather KFCs or Maccas instead. Keep up the enthusiasm Baking Monster.

  4. wow what a fun and deliciou excursion!