Friday, April 17, 2009

Chocolate Mousse

On Monday I had a Gluten Free Baking workshop for kids with Celiac Disease. It was for my senior project, and at one of the participants request I taught them recipes that didn't ask for Gluten subsitutes but just didn't need gluten. We made the flourless chocolate cake but turned it into cupcakes and this chocolate Mousse,both which are sooo good!
What you will need:
6 oz. choc. (chopped)
2 Tbl. unsalted butter
3 large egg whites
pinch of salt
3 Tbl. granulated sugar
3/4 C. cold heavy cream

What to do:
Put chocolate in double boiler, stir until just melted. Remove from heat, add butter, stir until just melted. Whip egg whites, sugar to form soft peaks. Clean beaters. In separate bowl, whip cream until thick with soft peak. Do not overbeat. Fold 1/3 egg white mixture into chocolate. Fold until no longer streaky, gently fold in rest of egg whites scrape mixture into whipped cream and fold gently until blended. Enjoy!

I added berries for a nice touch.

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