Monday, March 30, 2009

Mickey Cookie's

So I just had to try out my new cookie cutter today and so of course their mickey cookies. I used my shortbread cookie recipe. It's obvious that I have a addiction with shortbread because this will be my third post and probably won't be my last,sorry but I love butter to much. but I have a good reason for posting about it I made these cute cookies. I know there not perfect but I have a very shaky hand. and thanks to the frosting I have lovely black dyed hands.

Those are the things you will need,except I didn't put on that picture the pink heart shaped sprinkles I used for his tongue but you will see.

which one do you like the most?filled eyes,empty eyes,filled mouth,almost empty mouth? I think I'm going to give these to friends since I didn't buy them souvenirs,eh I'm a cheapskate what can I say.

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