Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine Cookie Suckers!

Happy late Valentine's Day! So I passed these out as valentines this year but forgot to upload them onto here. All of the cookies except this one were just regular sugar cookie color with the pink hard candy center. The candy center was a bit messy to pour but other than that it was really fun and easy to make, and many people were impressed. I got the recipe at Martha Stewart's siteBaking Monster Tip of the day: New at baking ,or just tend to mess up on harder things? That’s alright, for the hard candy center, skip making the sugar syrup and buy your favorite hard candy. Put it in a baggy hit it with a hammer or rolling pin and then sprinkle in center of the cookie before baking it. The candy will melt right into place. There's no mess, super easy and the cookie's look beautiful and delicious.
Valentine Daisy Cookies on Foodista

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